May 01, 2007

Nature Doesn't Provide A Home For Everyone

This is really a smart and a hard hitting print advertisement campaign launched by Biss Magazine, Munich’s social issues street magazine, which is sold by homeless or once-homeless people. A major part of the profit goes to those homeless people who sell this magazine. The campaign was created by Scholz & Friends, Berlin, Germany.

But homelessness is not just in Germany as we all know. In fact it's a issue right here in Moncton as well. Which leads me to... the Homeless Hotel.

This year Razor is a Gold sponsor and worked up new creative for this very worthwhile event. Essentially, teams of 5 check into the "Homeless Hotel" for a night and learn more about what it is like to be homeless. It's a very serious cause... but a very fun event. Participants bring a tent and camp out for the night along the river front. While there, participants are entertained by live music, have a chance to win great prizes, learn more about the cause... all while raising funds.

If anyone is interested in the event, please go to for more information and to register a team. Hope to see you all there.

Here's a promo piece we created for the event. (Click on it to see a larger view)