January 30, 2011

The NHL & Stan Lee team up on "The Guardian Project"

This is SO cool...

Mike Mason was the master of his imaginary world. A world he filled with the greatest of superheroes. Until the day that it all became real and they became what the world now needed them to be... Mike Mason's Guardians, Stan Lee's groundbreaking new superhero franchise with the NHL that is 13 years in the making! The unprecedented partnership, deemed Guardian Media Entertainment (GME), takes a cutting-edge approach to animation as all content is being designed for multiplatform media applications.

The NHL has joined forces with SLG Entertainment leader Stan Lee -- one of the creative geniuses behind the likes of Spider-Man and countless other comic phenoms -- and POW! Entertainment to embark on an unprecedented adventure. The resulting Guardian Media Entertainment (GME) group has developed comic superheroes for all 30 NHL teams.

Development for each character came in discussions with each NHL club, so the creators could get a feel for how to incorporate the feel of the team and town into each individual superhero.

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