January 31, 2011

"Magic, Memories, and You!" - Disney's Amazing new projection show

Last year, Disney spent months digitally mapping all the nooks and crannies of Cinderella's Castle to create this new nightly projection show called "Magic, Memories, and You!" The show makes the entire structure come alive with stunning movement, color, and character and will incorporate 500 pictures taken of Disney guests using PhotoPass throughout each day.

My favorite parts were when the shadows seems to pass across the castle like a time lapse video o the sun passing, when the rocket takes off, and when the fireworks projection synchs up with the real fireworks at the end. Quite spectacular. Have a look...

For an extra bonus... since that video was released, Disneyland in California has launched there version which is projected on the facade of “it’s a small world” in Fantasyland. Watch the Disneyland & Walt Disney World versions simultaneously in this synchronized split-screen video. Amazing.

Apparently, the videos don't do justice to how incredibly vivid and bright the colors are. Here are a couple pics that show how much cooler this looks in person.