November 06, 2008

The MLB Logo Mystery

One could argue that Major League Baseball's logo is one of the most recognized sports logos in the world. It's greatness has been discussed in baseball and design circles for many years. Not bad for a logo that was designed in an afternoon with a magic marker and was only supposed to be used for a year.

Until I read the following article, I always believed the batter was Micky Mantle. Mantle was a switch hitter which added to the legend of the logo. Depending on your perspective, the logo can be viewed either way, as a lefty or a righty. As a young designer, that always blew my mind.

What's also interesting is that for most of its 40 year existence, no one really has ever been sure who designed it. Until now...

This article by Paul Lukas of ESPN Magazine attempts to solve mystery. A very interesting read for designers and baseball fans alike.