September 20, 2008

Razor on CommandN.TV podcast

This past Tuesday I attended the ThirdTuesday event held here in Moncton. The team from the very popular video podcast CommandN was there and gave an very enjoyable presentation. CommandN is a weekly tech news video show with hosts/producers Amber MacArthur, Chris Dick (producer), Will Pate and Jeff MacArthur. For those of you familiar with CommandN, you know that they have been producing podcasts for many years and Wired Magazine touted them as one of the webs most popular podcasts. CommandN is also a featured podcast in the iTunes Podcast Directory.

One of the show's regular features is "webPICKS" where interesting websites are featured. This time around they invited ThirdTuesday attendees to recommend some sites. Our friend (of TrustMe Security fame and also a ThirdTuesday organizer) Andrew MacKinnon gave Razor a shout out by selecting as his pick - and specifically our William Shatner video. They also interviewed me for a little bit more info about the Shatner clip.

Here's our part from the show:

To view the entire CommandN episode , click here to go to their homepage and choose episode 149 . We're at the very end - or watch it here:

For more on our Shatner video, see this earlier blog post.