August 15, 2008

Shatner gives Razor the "thumbs up"

Back in May we came across a website called The premise is you actually see the person sign your poster (or whatever) so that you know for sure the signature is real. Many of you may remember how excited we were at having Canada's own William Shatner sign something for us. But the bigger thrill was the he was also going to deliver a personal message of our choosing on video for us to keep.

Well, it happened.

And it is way beyond our expectations.

Here's the messages we submitted:

"I love Stephen Brander and Rich Gould --- and give them a big thumbs up"

Had he delivered this line we would have been thrilled... what he delivered, well see for yourself.

Here's our original post about live autographs.

Watch the complete Shatner signing session recap here: (Our thumbs up is in there - ha ha)

Here's a Reuters News story about the whole thing.