May 15, 2008 & Shatner rules

How do you really know if the "signed" item from your favourite celeb is actually real? Well, the folks at have solved that problem -- they video tape the star signing the actual thing you bought! No kidding. Even better, the celebirity will send a personal video message to you as well. So -- you get a proven authentic signed piece, get to watch the signing LIVE online, and get a video to keep of a personal message of your choice.

There are lots of great celeberties from tv, film, sports ... but when we saw Shatner, that sealed the deal for us.

Here's what he should say in our personal message:

And here's the cool part. When there was a glitch on the online system (cause we're in Canada) they called me and did it over the phone.

Easy... awesome. Giddy with excitement.

I think this even beats the Chumby we ordered earlier this week.