July 09, 2008

The Image Fulgurator

This dude - Julius von Bismarck has apparently designed this (submachine gun-like) device that senses when the flash of a cameras goes off, then simultaneously projects an image or message onto the picture the people are taking. You kinda have to watch the video to fully understand.

To an advertiser, this might seem like a neat idea that has some "guerilla marketing" potential, but at the same time I wouldn't want to be the one that has his precious vacation photos defaced this way. Although... we recently visited the "Haunted mansion" in Kennsington, PEI where this device would be perfect. Imagine taking a picture of your kids in front of the fake monster statue, only to have a mysterious dead zombie ghost showing up in the shot. That would blow the kids minds!

I do also like what one commenter said on Boing Boing:

"If this is legit, I predict it will be used almost exclusively to project the text "NO FLASH PHOTOGRAPHY" onto snapshots of paintings, performances, and the like."

Via Boing Boing