May 29, 2008

Stand Up 2 Cancer

A real nice video to promote the upcoming "Stand up 2 Cancer" telethon this September to be broadcast simultaneously Friday, September 5 on NBC, ABC, CBS. Man, when Sidney Poitier talks, we all listen.

Check out the website (link). I like the "Million Dollar Homepage" style fundraiser (the Stand), and an interesting Facebook app that connects people via their experience with cancer (their own or people they know).

I'm excited about the possibilities of this movement. There aren't too many people anywhere that haven't been affected by cancer in some way and with the horsepower behind this, the potential for real progress finally to be made is huge. It also feels somehow so much more real and sincere than celebrity endorsed causes of the past, in that you know that probably every single one of them can relate to cancer directly from their personal lives. Powerful stuff.