April 18, 2008

Ryan Maxwell is Da Man!

Our good pal Ryan Maxwell was mentioned in the T&T today. He's up for a national award for the work he did recently for PropertyGuys.com

Here's the story...

Moncton graphic designer up for national award
PropertyGuys.com rebranding earns nod from Canadian Franchise Association

You may have noticed PropertyGuys.com's new look on signs blooming across Metro Moncton over the past few weeks.

The new signs are part of a six-month project to completely rebrand the 10-year-old company and though the new brand is just starting to go public, the work is already up for a national award.

To find the brains behind the new look, one need look no further than the Fundy Group's Ryan Maxwell, the project's graphic designer/art director.

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Congratulations Ryan. I agree all the stuff you did for the rebranding and collateral pieces are amazing. You are definitely in the big leagues now!

Also, Ryan just became a new father this month so he's on a definite roll! I still haven't got my cigar yet though.


Within minutes of making this post, Ryan showed up with the cigars! Wow, the power of this blog! Can't wait to fire it up!