April 18, 2008

David Corkum is Da Man!

Fresh off David's HUGE win of the Atlantic Canada Commercial Photographer of the Year (his second win in a row!), he decided to humbly try his luck with the National awards which were held this week in London, Ontario.

David made it all the way to the finals and was runner up out of 4 other shooters and came very close to actually winning! I guess being named the number 2 commercial photographer in Canada ain't too shabby... especially in his first year entering!

From the official Press Release:
The 2008 National Image Competition of the Professional Photographers of Canada tookplace this week during Passport 2008, the Annual Convention of the PPOC, in London, ON.

David Corkum, a professional photographer from Moncton, NB, was a finalist for the Commercial Photographer of the Year Award.

David had 4 images accepted and exhibited in the National Image Competition, judged prior to the Convention by a panel of Master Photographers from across Canada. Acceptance in the Competition earns the maker Merits toward several Degrees offered to PPOC members, including the prestigious Craftsman of Photographic Arts and Master of Photographic Arts. It is also an indication of the makers’ ability to produce above average images for their clientèle.

Here's the four winning submissions...

(Which I Art Directed - yay! Food Photography is my fav. This was done for Kruger and Rose Reisman)

Cherry Rain

Starlit Lodge
(So warm and cozy)

Tragic Embrace
(I love this shot... it's from the Atlantic ballet's Phatom of the Opera. If you look real close, none of the feet are touching the ground, and yet it looks like such a sad, still and embrace)

I always said David's pics were as good or better than anything out there. This confirms it BIG TIME! Way to go David!

Corkum Photographics website

April 23, 2008
Nice article in the T&T today: