April 02, 2008

Best April Fool's Day Jokes

Yesterday was quite an active day in terms of pranksters. Big and small. Here's a collection of ones I came across:

Google and Virgin (Virgle) announced plans to colinize the planet Mars

Gmail launched a fake custom time feature where you could send email to the past. If only that were true!

Even Hillary got into the mood, challenging Obama to a Bowl-off to determine the winner.

Bowling was likely a good choice given his recent performance.

Speaking of video... YouTube pulled a good one. All of the "Featured Video" on the home page were directed to a video of Rick Astley’s video for the cheesey Eighties hit “Never Gonna Give You Up”. Known as Rick Rolling. The prank is down now, in fact they have disabled the ability to embed the video. But here's what you would have seen.

Locally, Brian Cormier had a good one on his blog.

Rich, our resident trickster was also on the hunt. Prank phone calls, tape on the phone receiver and the good old sticky note covering up the optical mouse. Plus a few other things readers of this blog would likely have noticed.

Good work everyone.