March 30, 2008


For all you Photoshop aficionados out there, this is an real interesting concept. Take a cartoon character, and make him real, but maintaining the cartoon proportions. A dude who calls himself Pixeloo has done just that. I'm not sure if he coined the term "Untooning", but I've never heard of it. The results are very cool and slightly disturbing at the same time.

His first crack at it was a very nice recreation of Mario, but his second illustration of Homer Simpson is even better. Click the images to view larger and see the great detail.

Check out his blog (here) where he reveals some of his source images, as well, he has created a poll for everyone to help him decide what character to do next. So far Jessica rabbit is beating out Stewie Dewitt and Popeye. My vote would be for Betty Rubble... I always had a thing for her...