March 28, 2008

China clones almost everything

We all know how much "branded" goods come from China. Everyday stuff we all use. And sure we all have seen knock-off stuff... $10 Rolexes and $5 designer purses... but it doen't end there.

How about the HiPhone, a iPhone rip off. Read more about it here.

Ok... now how about cloned cars. Like the Mini Cooper (called the Lifan 3-Series):

Or a Smart Car clone:

Read more about it and see other examples on the CarScoop site.

Who buys Chinese clone car? The Chinese of course, but also Russia. Have a look at this video, they even rip-off the logos

But really, how different is then when GM came out with the Metro, to compete against the popular Civic? Here's the first generation Metro from the 80s and a third generation Civic from around the same time. You decide: