February 08, 2007

New Pump House TV

It is with much excitement that we wish to share the new Pump House Commercial. As mentioned earlier Razor worked with all the fine folks from Egg Films to create brand new spots for the Pump House Brewery. These will replace our previous spot and begin airing on CTV today.

For those with a keen eye, we actually created 4 spots. The only difference is the brand/bottle at the end of the commercial -- look for newly designed Blueberry, Scotch, Red and Cadian labels.

So... here's the spot:

Now a bit of the back story...

The location:
As you can tell we needed a number of different locations in the making of the spot. A total of 6 different kitchens, a garage and basement were needed. In the end, Egg found one house with 3 kitchens... and then 3 different houses on the same street all in a row. It was quite a busy (and ambitious) day moving from one location to another. But worth it.

The music:
Once again the gang at Egg came through... with original music. Listen to the spot again -- this time just to appreciate the music. The official title of the song is "I'm gonna love you anyway" written and produced by Cory Tetford, singer/songwriter/guitarist for the group Crush -- ECMA award winners. The song may even be released as a full-length track. How cool is that!

The hydrant:
Last year we used a real hydrant that weighed a bigillion pounds -- this year we sourced a prop one from the US -- they type they use in movies -- looks real but weighs only 13 lbs. Very neat.

The cat:
The home owners of the house where we shot had a cat. It was very friendly and was always coming around. When we did the shot in the basement, with the cameras rolling, the cat just strolled on by. Luckily, everyone noticed how great this was and kept rolling and let the moment happen. I'd love to say we planned the cat shot, but it was "just one of the moments" -- and of course we made sure it made it to the final edit.

The final shot:
The closing shot of the commercial was is actually from inside a fridge. How'd we do that? Well, by cutting a hole in the back of a refrigerator of course! Then the camera person had to squat down and shoot through the hole. A fantastic effect!

Much thanks...
We have to thank Shaun and Lilia Fraser from the Pump House for having the courage and confidence to give this project a green light. We are fortunate to work with great people and are very proud of all the work we have done with the Pump House over the past year or so. Thanks for sharing your vision and letting us be part of the dream!
There are BIG things in store for this brand... just wait and see!