January 11, 2007

Embrace the Taste

Well, we should tell you a little about what we've been up to with our friends at the Pump House Brewery.
As you may have noticed, over the past few months we've been quietly introducing the shiny new labels we've designed for them. It started with Cadian Ale, then moved to Blueberry (which incidentally is now being sold in LCBO's in Ontario -- look for further expansion into Western Canada too coming soon!) and finally Scotch Ale (my fav) and now the launch of the newest brand in the arsenal: Fire Chief's RED! It's really good by the way and since it's soft launch in early December, sales have been incredible. Eventually, the new box design we did for Red should be rolled out across all the other brands as well.

The first time I tried the Red Ale, Shaun Fraser (the president) said, you can always tell a good beer if it tastes good warm (as he cracked a warm one and handed it to me). Sure enough... it was excellent (although I do prefer them cold).

I'm sure you've seen the TV spot we did last year (literally on a shoestring):

We were so proud of what we were able to do with NO budget. We shot it with one news camera, and one reflector. We snagged an old hydrant from the City of Moncton public works, and had it painted. Most of the actors were friends, acquaintances, and Pump House staff. And, I even scored and performed the music myself at home with my keyboard and my Mac (The Pump House website even had inquiries about the song... who wrote it and if they could download it somewhere!). For the fans: Here it is.

Finally, We're excited to announce that we just shot the newest commercial, it's in the final stages of production and should hit the airwaves (and this blog) in the next few weeks! This time we had a decent budget, a real film crew, a great director, and even a craft table! HUGE thanks to the awesome folks at Egg Films! These guys are amazing! We can't wait to reveal it to the world. In the meantime here's a teaser pic...
It's hard to tell, but the guy is 6'-6'' and about 280 lbs. and stuck his whole body in the mini-fridge... it was hilarious.

Anyway, for more on all this... stay tuned... and CHEERS!