December 05, 2006

Take me to your leader

Well, Stephen and I just got back from a blowout weekend at the Liberal Leadership Convention in Montréal. We were fortunate enough and proud to have been selected to create much of the logos and graphics that were used for the Convention itself and many of the policy books, programs, and even the new constitution.We even designed most of the novelty items available, like T-shirts, shot glasses, and even the famous Liberal Thong! A hot seller!

The event was hosted by the Palais des Congrès (Convention Centre) in downtown Montréal - which was an amazing facility.
They even had a graphic of a guy holding a Razor Biz card on the windows.
Inside the Palais, we came upon a riot of Dion and Ignatieff supporters.
...and a smattering of Ken Dryden fans. Too bad for Ken... what could have been better than a former NHL star leading our country?Our graphics were everywhere! Here's Convention co-chairs Dominic LeBlanc and Tanya Kappo in front of the huge 36' backdrop we designed.

Paul Martin loves the work we did and proudly stands in front of some of it.
Jean Chretien never looked better in front of Razor work.
Here's some of the Powerpoint work we did...

...Here's one of the hundreds of slides in action on the big screens during one of the policy and constitutional ammendment debates.

More of our work on the big stage.

The A/V and lighting work they did for this convention was incredible. Projected video graphics everywhere, lights, fireworks, live DJ's spinning the wheels of steel. Who knew the Party was so hip?
The many delegates waiting to vote on the third ballot....all 5,000 of them.

A couple of dudes taking a picture of their reflection.
There were many celebrity sightings. Here's a future politician if I ever saw one - Justin Trudeau:
One of my all time favourite goalies, Ken Dryden:

Another future politician? One of the most brilliant Copywriters, Creative Directors this side of Pictou County, Stephen Brander. This guy can own a stage!

Ashley MacIsaac:Mr. Mike Duffy:

Prime Minister Chretien. I even got a handshake - which brings the tally of world leaders that I've pressed palms with to 3 (Bill Clinton, George W., & Chretien).Kevin Newman:

The Jon Stewart of Canada, Rick Mercer (who is much shorter than he looks on TV):
Dion's Acceptance speech:

After the party, we scammed our way into a Telus party that was also going on in the Palais. Very cool.
Here's the point when Stéphane Dion won it. The atmosphere was electric (especially since we happened to be sitting with all the Dion supporters) TV doesn't do it any justice. It was electric in there.

Here's where I shook Dion's hand (pause it around the 5 second mark. You'll see my blurry hand). Could this moment have brought my handshake tally up to 4? We may know this Spring.

A brief montage featuring our work on the national stage. It's neat how cool something can look with a little slo-mo effect and some rockin' music.

Thanks to Steven, Kim, Michelle, Monique, Ian, Tait, John, Marilyn and Paul. You guys did an amazing job pulling it all together!