June 14, 2006

No new ideas.

"Originality is nothing but judicious imitation."
- Voltaire

I remember 5 years ago, I had the distinct honour of being selected as one of the Creatives to submit logo design ideas for the newly created "ICE awards". Sadly, none of mine were chosen. It didn't bother me (much) and I wasn't (too) bitter.

So, it was about to be revealed... A logo created by the best of the best in the industry. A logo judged and selected by the best of the best in the industry to represent the awards for the best of the best in our industry. Man, this is gonna be the best logo EVER!

Then, they unveiled the much anticipated design...

( ( Sound of crickets chirping ) )

Then, it started to grate on me. I just couldn't help but think I'd seen it before.

Was it:

...how about:

...maybe it was:

Then... "Ahhh yes.. Now I remember..." The recently created (at the time) Roxio logo (The makers of Toast).
I thought. There's no way the designer couldn't have been influenced by this. Every designer uses Toast and would have had exposure to this. Admittedly, it bugged me.

Anyway, I'm long since "over it". And now having won an ICE award, we love that crazy logo ("flaming testicle" as it was refered to by this year's host). We will defend it to the end! It represents all that is good and beautiful in the... wait... what's this... a new cell phone provider in the U.S. called Helio... and their new logo...

( ( GASP ) ) Unbelievable... Rip-off?
You decide...

(Darn Voltaire.)