June 09, 2006

Ice Ice Baby

Just rolled in from the 5th Annual Ice Awards in Halifax last night. It was a great show. Stephen Coates was hilarious as this year's host and was one of the best ever. Extreme cleaned up (surprise, surprise), but there was one award they didn't win: Merit for Website design. That prestigious award went to the creative geniuses at RAZOR CREATIVE for the amazing website www.2tongues.ca!!!

Thanks to everyone who helped make the site "award-winning" and a special thanks to Giselle Goguen and Michel Carrier, Commissioner Of Official Languages For New Brunswick for having the confidence in our concept to allow us to move forward and create something truly special.

Back pats and high fives all around!

See all this years winners here.

Mucho thanks to:
  • Denis Foulem for all your advice and insight
  • Gene Fowler and everyone at FatKat Animation for your brilliant illustrations and flash
  • Eric Papillion and his team at Mindsweep for putting it all together
  • Angela Price here at Razor for helping to make us look good (as usual)
  • Isabelle Leblanc and Micah Fardy for their voice talents
  • Dan Britton at Creative Sound Studios for recording help

And most of all thanks again to Giselle and Michel, great clients who help make great things happen.