May 01, 2006

The reality of Ford?

Found this article in Marketing Magazine online. I love the idea, but sort of further blurs the line between "what's the show and what's the commerical?

Have a read:

No longer content with just sponsoring reality shows, Ford Motor Company is considering creating its own show, according to a report in Monday’s New York Times.

In the show, not yet beyond the planning stages, aspiring car designers would compete to create a new Ford vehicle with judges reviewing new designs each week and eliminating the least popular. Ford would actually build the winning design and display it at an auto show.

The concept is reportedly part of a larger marketing campaign called “Bold Moves”which Ford will introduce Tuesday at its headquarters in Dearborn, Mich. The campaign is also expected to include an online documentary-style program starring Mark Fields, who leads the company’s North and South American operations, and new commercials featuring a previously unreleased Kelly Clarkson song.

“The initial campaign is expected to have a price tag in the tens of millions of dollars. But the cost will probably grow to more than $100 million,” reports the Times.