March 27, 2006

Battle of the Brains

So a bunch of us "smarties" decided to test our mental abilities at the Battle of the Brains event in support of the YMCA. How tough could it be? There were 10 rounds of 10 trivia-like questions. It was a great event with plenty-o snacks and adult beverages.

Shelley hiding behind our team name.

Stephen either pondering "something" or punching himslef in the chin.

Carol waving to someone she knows.

Shelley, David and Rich waiting for the final results to be tallied.

So how did "I'll take Potent Potables for $300 please Alex" do? Well, we had a lot of fun... helped raise over $14,000.00 for the Y!!! ... and finished a solid 23 out of 28 teams with 94 points. We didn't come in last... a goal we proudly accomplished. Next year, the only place to go is up.