January 27, 2006


Every few years an ad comes along that completely blows your mind. A few years ago it was the "Cog" ad for Honda in the UK by Weiden+Kennedy London. This ad was emailed from agency to agency for weeks after it was released on the internet. Then it made its way through the rest of the world. I remember having that link sent to me from dozens of my friends, colleagues and relatives. The idea was brilliant. The execution, brilliant (although it took 606 takes to get the shot), and in the end I was speechless. As many times as it came into my inbox, I still watched it every time.

Finally, another spot has come along that I think will have as profound an effect on us all. Incidentally, it's also a Honda spot called "Civic Choir". Again, by Weiden+Kennedy London. The auditioned real proffessional choir voices, a conductor and actually had it scored like a musical piece. After it was released last week, over 804,000 people watched it. Viewing figures have been so high that they have had to host the ad on a different server from the rest of the Honda site in order to cope with demand. Pure genius...This is what a Honda feels like. See (or hear) for yourself.

After you're done, check out the Honda UK microsite and watch the making of... very cool.

Well, gotta run. Off to buy a Honda.