January 18, 2006

V O T E !

You've got power because politicians listen to numbers!
Believe it: if you're between 18 and 34, you make up a huge chunk of this country. More than 7 million Canadians (or 23% of the total population) are in this age group. That's a whole lot of power!
Here's another number: $100 billion dollars.
That's how much Canadians aged 18-34 spend each year. Money talks. And politicians listen.
Did you know? When the Feds hit the election button in 2004, barely 27% of young voters 18-21 in Canada voted. Compare that with the general voting turnout of 61%.
So what does this mean? Politicians are ignoring us and listening to senior citizens because they are 4 times more likely to vote than youth.
Voting will show them that we mean something to this country!
Make the politicos deal with issues that are important to you. Challenge them on their record, their promises and their vision of Canada.
You want one more reason? The world is watching. Millions of people around the world can't vote because their governments won't let them. By turning out to vote, you're also showing support for those who don't have the option. Democracy is worth caring about.
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