July 03, 2013

26 Brilliant Print Ads

Bauducco Toast: Never underestimate the supporting role.

Braun: Precision Prevails

35 years from now, nearly 5 billion people will not have regular access to water. Are you just going to stand by and watch it happen?

Nescafé: Take some time off.
Hotwheels: Make Daddy Jealous.
Children see things differently (Lenticular Ad - image changes depending on viewing angle)
NY Film Academy: Want to write something good for the cinema?
Topline Gum: Made for Kissing
Mitsubishi: When luxury meets 4x4

Astra Zeneca Brilique: Fight for Life.
Vodol: Nose
Protect your feet. And our noses.
JVC: Choose Later, Skate
JVC Camera: Choose later - up to 130 consecutive shots
3M Lint Roller: Dog
3M: Lint Roller
Biolit: Mosquitos
Biolin Mosquito Spray
Kaya King: Jumbo Peanuts
Mustang Tough.
Tide: Because stains love your clothes.
Wonderbra: Fits Naturally
Beans & Beyond: Extra Strong Coffee
WWF: Before It's Too Late.
Nikon: Detects up to 12 faces
Comforta: Sleep like it used to be.
Charmin Bath Tissue: Big ass spread, 2
Charmin (Double page magazine spread): Keep it clean.