October 28, 2011

Coming soon: 1km Tall Buildings

Back in 2007, I blogged about the CN Tower being dethroned as the tallest freestanding structure by the then still unfinished Burj Dubai (Now called the Burj Khalifa).

Since then, a few other skyscrapers have popped up that have also surpassed that mark, but by 2013, the height of the CN tower will be beaten by almost DOUBLE.

Two building are in the works that will stretch over 1 kilometre into the sky... The Nakheel Harbour and Tower in Dubai, and the 1.23 billion dollar Kingdom Tower in Jeddah.

Just to put that in perspective for us Maritimers, that's 1,000 metres to our 127 metre Bell Aliant Tower (formerly NBTel tower) in Moncton - our tallest structure.

Here's a visual comparison...

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Another way to look at it is front the top of the Bell Aliant Tower, the people look like ants. From the top of the Kingdom Tower, the Bell Aliant Tower looks like an ant. Crazy.


Or... better yet, here's what the Kingdom Tower would look like if it were built in Moncton (But of course, it would more likely have to be called the Irving Tower).
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