August 17, 2011

Rebranding Hell.

Who knew? Apparently Hell hath both an Office of Travel and Tourism, and an an Agency of Record.

Chicago based designer Chris Herron was clearly up for the challenge when "contacted" to consider giving the Hell brand a new look.

"During the winter of 2010, the Hell Office of Travel and Tourism engaged Chris Herron Design to address ongoing problems with the Hell brand. The number of visitors to Hell had been in steady decline in recent years, resulting in reduced earnings for local businesses and sharp declines in tax revenue for the principality itself.

The causes for the decline were not fully understood at project launch. In addition, executive leadership (and consequently institutional vision) changed several months into the project. Both of these factors significantly undermined the viability of the initial brand strategy.

Ultimately, the new chief executive officer initiated Phase Two of the project, which began with a formal brand review. At this stage in the process, the full extent of the problems with the Hell brand came to light, and the necessity of a complete brand overhaul became apparent."

What he didn't realize well into the whole process, was there was some dissension in the ranks and not all parties involved were on board with a simple brand refresh... Based on recent decline in visitors... many felt they needed a complete overhaul.

And finally... they decided upon this new logo and brand positioning...



A brilliant project... I encourage you to all go and visit the entire project page. Very in-depth and so well thought out:

I love the tongue-in-cheek style and best of all, there's also a website for the new Hell Brand...

This is a very cool and innovative self-promo tool Chris! I think even your "client's competition" would agree. In fact... if the Heaven Office of Tourism (HOT) ever rebranded, I would submit that they take a page out of your approach and also go in a totally new direction...