August 30, 2011

10 ways to help prevent Diet Coke's new can design from destroying the world.

In their tradition of great packaging design, Diet Coke will be launching their new Turner Duckworth designed cans and case graphics this September. This bold new design is a worthy follow up to their award winning Coca-Cola designs from years past.

With such a sexy new design, Diet Coke consumption will surely increase like never before! So in an effort to help save our landfills, I have compiled a collection of innovative ways to recycle the many cans that will inevitably be filling up your homes...

1. Toys

2. Science Experiments

Coke sinks. Diet Coke floats
Just add mentos

3. Headwear

...or cover your head with a nice warm hat

4. Evening Wear

5. Shoes


6. Handbags

7. Ornaments

8. Storage

Could also go in the handbag category

9. Safe
Nobody trusts banks anymore.

10. Jewelry