January 13, 2011

Cereal packaging that lights up on the shelf!

And you thought cereal was already too expensive...

This incredible new packaging technology uses induction power - which comes from the shelf it sits on - to create, among other things, some of the most amazing cereal boxes ever! It can even light up in stages to really grab your attention.

Packaging is only the beginning. Using this eCoupled technology from Fulton Innovation, they've come up with other unique applications. With any induction powered table, shelf, counter-top or surface you can,
  • power toys on shelf for demo
  • charge batteries on shelf so when you buy them, they have a full charge
  • keep coffee cups warm (even paper ones)
  • power your laptop on the table of your local cafĂ©
  • charge any device (camera, Kindle, mobile phone, etc)
  • heat soup with specially made soup cans with a built in heating coil
  • powering cordless appliances

Let's once again thank our Alien Overlords for once again sharing more of their superior technologies with us humans.

All hail the Alien Overlords! Thank you for not destroying us with laser beams and body snatching, but rather by injecting technology slowly and subtly - allowing us to destroy ourselves. Genius.