March 05, 2010

Our humble home - featured.

Back in the 90's I started subscribing to HOW magazine. One of my favorite articles every month was the "Workspace" column. I would pour over every photo and dream of someday working in beautiful spaces like that. I think those articles could be what helped plant the seed of inspiration for starting my own business someday.

Fast forward to 2007, when I first discovered - which at the time had only a few cool spaces like Twitter, Facebook, Digg, and Pixar. Great site. It's so interesting peeking in anonymously into the world of other great companies and see where they live and what they're up to. Been following it ever since.

You could imagine the thrill, back in February, when I got an email from Stephen Searer from Office Snapshots inquiring about pics of our humble home and if he could share them with his readers. Of course I was game, and we were put in the queue to be posted on March 4th. The rest is history.

In less than 24 hours, we've had many glowing comments everywhere from Canada and the US to France and even Malaysia.

Thanks Stephen and thanks Office Snapshots.


Photos courtesy of our good pal David Corkum - Corkum Photographics.