February 25, 2010

Someone handed me a $50 Million dollar bill today

Did you get yours? The Atlantic Lottery / Lotto Max Street team was handing these beautifully designed gems out around Moncton and Halifax again today (yesterday too) to help promote this Friday's BIG $50,000,000.00 jackpot. Don't try and use them at your local convenience store to buy popsicles (as I once did as a kid with Canadian Tire Money), but use them as a reminder to get your Lotto Max tickets for tomorrow's draw. 50 Million Bones would come in handy about now.

Also, if you like the look of the bill or would like any other form of bogus (not legal tender type) money created... let us know. We're good. In fact, the first bill concept we created was rejected 'cause it looked too real. I guess no one thought having special unit RCMP officers swing in through your windows on rappelling lines would be funny.

Now, in the same vein as my previous post below on "sleevefacing"...

(Photo and thumb credit: Stephen Brander)