November 19, 2009

The Best McCain commercial ever.

Ok, I know that's not saying much considering a company that's known for notoriously bad tv commercials (namely the stuff from the 80's & 90's), but the work out of Beattie McGuinness Bungay in the UK over the past couple years has been real good. In fact, it was BMB that came up with the recent "It's all good" tagline which has recently been adopted by McCain globally. I believe they were also the first agency to successfully bring back consumer focus on the goodness of the potato as opposed to the "evil" of the french fry.

Sure it has a bit of a "Happiness Factory" feel to it, but in some ways, I like this one better. Although it's still a fantasy land, it seems more plausible and I can relate to it better. I may have smiled the first time I saw the Coke spot, I can't remember. I will definitely remember smiling at this one especially at the moment when the hands hug the potato. What a great visual and a perfect message for McCain. Awesome work.