September 02, 2009

Magnifier (the Movie) trailer:

Always love to support local talent, especially when it's awesome talent. Check out the trailer for the upcoming film MAGNIFIER, directed by Moncton's own Marcel Gallant - written by, Saint John-er, Michael M McDonald.

Starring, Walter Learning, Andrew Johnston, Wally Mackinnon and Emily Bartlett. The film was shot on location in Saint John, NB Canada. Slated for release in October 2009.

In 1969 Tommy Wilkins, spent his days dreaming and wishing for the time to come, where he could go beyond the places his astronaut hero's had already been.

One winter he meets a man with a secret machine, that would give Tommy all the answers.

Be careful what you wish for.

So, if you're looking forward to it like I am, help support this local endeavor and pass it on...

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