July 02, 2009

Canada's Top Ten Most Iconic Brands

...as voted by Canadians in Brand Finance's survey:

10. CN Tower

I'm struggling with this one. Although it's certainly iconic, I have a hard time considering the CN Tower a "brand"... but I suppose you could make the argument depending on the criteria.

9. Via Rail

8. Petro Canada

7. Montreal Canadiens

6. Toronto Maple Leafs

5. Air Canada

4. CBC

3. Tim Hortons

2. Canadian Tire

and the winner is...

1. Canada Post

A pretty good list that I mostly would agree with. I'm sure you could have some good discussions over the order of the top five, but all in all, I think they got it right. I also think it's so awesome that two of the top brands are hockey teams! Truly Canadian!

Here's the complete chart of the top 25:

Click to enlarge

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