February 24, 2009

Sony creates world's largest Zoetrope

In the latest of the epic Bravia spots, Fallon London built the world's largest zoetrope, (which they had officially verified by the Guinness Book of World Records) called the "Bravia-drome" to help promote Sony's new Motionflow Bravia TV.

Timelapse setup:

Interesting Facts:
  • Can reach speeds of over 50 km/h
  • Measures 15m in diameter
  • There are 64 images inside
  • Features 50,000 LED Lights
  • Made up of 10,000 nuts and bolts
  • Takes two 40ft. trucks to transport
  • The spot was filmed at 200 frames per second
  • Filmed in the town of Venaria, Italy (Near Turin).
Watch the end result here. Unlike the other Sony spots I found the spectacle of the whole thing much more interesting than the final commercial.