January 14, 2009

Cartoon Network Rebrand

Back in 2006 NBC launched their newest branding effort with the great "interactive" treatment - using the "feather" from the logo as a cursor and the stylish 2.5D work with still images from the shows. I remember wondering who the heck did that for them as it was such a nice change and departure from anything they'd done before. Never did find out who it was. Until today.

Poking around the interwebs, I came across this amazing video montage of Cartoon Network's awesome rebrand that was recently unveiled. It was done by a company in L.A. called Capacity who I'd also come to find out (among many other things) did the NBC work.
These guys are totally amazing and really know how to get to the bottom of a rebrand. Here's their full story behind the Cartoon Network project and what it all means:

Rebrand Montage Video:

Cartoon Network's brand identity is inseparable from the identities of the countless interesting and lovable characters which inhabit the CN airwaves. The characters themselves are the brand and their collective power makes Cartoon Network what it is. With this redesign, the team at CN wanted to create an undeniably strong connection between the network and its content. Using one unifying body shape (designed by urban vinyl legends Kidrobot) Capacity collaborated with CN's creative team to develop an interchangeable system of elements that gathered all of CN's characters into one place. The blank figures, called Noods, are the canvases upon which characters of all shapes, sizes and styles can coexist. The CN logo is also an extension of this vocabulary as the colors and patterns from the characters - their DNA - find their way onto the network's blocky logotype for the first time. The resulting world is a playground of rich colors and unlimited combinations, ownable only by Cartoon Network.

This is brilliant! I'm blown away not only by the amazing execution, but also by the thinking behind it all. Huge Kudos.