January 06, 2009

Branding Canadian Provinces

Inspired by buildinternet.com and his post on Branding the United States - The 50 State Tourism Logos, I have created a similar compilation of all the Canadian Provinces.

From the best I can tell, these are all "tourism" logos and not government, but some of them use the same logo for both. Feel free to drop me a comment if I got any of them wrong.

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I wonder who came first with the leather patch design, Texas or Alberta? Anyone know?

Some of these logos from both the Canadian and U.S. groups are very nice, but most of them are quite dull and uninspiring. Especially when you see them all together. There aren't many standouts. I know there's much more to the branding than just the logo, but you'd think with so much stock put into the importance of tourism, that they would put a little more thought into the whole thing.

The only one of the Canadian group that I feel deserves any mention is Newfoundland and Labrador. The award winning branding and marketing surrounding this province is some of the best in the world. Here's a nice video that was used to help launch the new logo back in 2006.

So now that we have Canada and the U.S. -- it would be cool for others to create versions from other countries. It would be interesting to see how they approach this in Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, etc.