October 07, 2008

Platform Design Platforms

The Conservative party platform has finally been released and we can now officially weigh in on a very important issue: Platform Design Platforms. In an overwhelming majority, Adobe InDesign wins the Canadian Political Party Design Platform Election. The Liberals and the NDP lead the way both using InDesign, although the NDP gets extra points for having their software up to date (v.5.0.3). The Conservative Platform was created in CorelDRAW (Form "L" shape with thumb and index finger and hold up to forehead), while the Green Party used Microsoft Word (I don't understand it, but I'm sure there's some environmental implications in doing so, so who can criticize?).

In the end, the real loser in all this is once again Quark.

NDP Platform:

Liberal Platform:

Conservative Platform:

Green Party Platform:


Now that we've gotten that important issue out of the way, I say with less than a week left to go, you owe it to yourself to do these two things:

1. Educate and inform yourself.
Download and read these. Don't simply use what you hear in the crappy media as your guide to making your decision. Ok, the Green platform is a little dry. I skimmed most of it. But there really is a lot of interesting stuff in all of these platforms that you probably haven't heard before. If there was ever a time to get informed and involved, it's now. With the economy and the environment both on the verge of collapse, there has never been a time when choosing the right leadership was more important.

2. On Tuesday October 14th - VOTE!
It's your right. Use it!