October 14, 2008

Excellence Update

As part of our nomination for a Greater Moncton Excellence Award, we were included in a special section of the Times & Transcript today. My favourite part is Stephen's "gosh" quote (very Sarah Palin-like). He would have gotten bonus points had he worked "Doggone it" in there too somehow, but sadly the opportunity was missed.

Love that my SW poster made the shot. Photo by Ron Ward.

Here's the article:


Stephen Brander and Rich Gould enjoyed a very productive meeting, a great meal -- and then the fortune cookies arrived.

The insightful messages read: "You should be able to undertake and complete anything", and "Depart not from the path that fate has you assigned".

Within months, December 8, 2003, Brander and Gould were up and running with their Razor Creative, a company that continues to grow and prosper.

They feel they "fill a creative niche" in the Metro Moncton area with their creative development, marketing, advertising and design. That includes branding, web development, radio, TV and print advertising, brochures and sales support material, promotions, packaging, copywriting and creative consultation. The entire process is entirely enjoyable for the Razor team.

"It's the opportunity to work with great clients and learn new things," says Brander, "but also it's a chance to spread our wings creatively and sort of push the boundaries. Try to do things that haven't been done before, do interesting things to get noticed."

Sustained growth remains a focus, as is their reputation for cutting-edge creativity.

Being a short-list nominee for a Greater Moncton Excellence Award, Emerging Business category, is a tremendous honour for those at Razor Creative, the recognition that "Moncton can do things on a world stage". They are just where they want to be in the Metro Moncton area.

"People (here) have a very can-do attitude. They're very willing to embrace new ideas and new thinking . . . if you want to do it, then gosh let's just do it!"

Link to article

Here's the ad we created to run alongside the article:

Fingers crossed for the awards show which happens Oct. 29th.