September 04, 2008

Screen Addiction

I must admit. I am a screen addict. It didn't take seeing this video to make me realize it, but it sure (hold on... gotta Tweet that I'm updating the blog... oh look... Ho just updated his profile on Facebook haven't heard from him in a while... oh nice... some new pics of his trip to Vegas... -ding- an email... oh... someone wants to be my connection on Linked In... -buzz- oh, that's the cell, a text from Kel wondering where I am... jeez, I haven't tweeted in a while... ha ha: @UstreamTV just tweeted: Sarah Palin's Daughter Spits On Hand To Comb Baby's Hair!! Hilarious! wonder what else is playing on UstreamTV? Oh crap, busted link. wonder if I can find a copy of that video on YouTube... what's this? a video on how to get into any club by pretending you're the dj? Funny. Gotta try that sometime. Should tweet that if I do... maybe post pics on the blog.. CRAP the blog!) hits home.

I gotta get away from the computer more.

It's a great promo for which is (ironically) an online place to invite, follow, and track meetings and gatherings... with REAL PEOPLE! What a concept.

The accompanying promo website is good too. You can send "interventions" to your friends.