September 08, 2008

We've Been Selected for Logo Lounge V

More exciting news here at Razor... One of our our logos has been selected to be published in Rockport Publishing's Logo Lounge V. Thousands of entries were painstakingly whittled down to just over 2,000 to appear in the upcoming edition of the popular series of books. Look for it on bookstore shelves next June.

Here's an excerpt from the acceptance letter:
Congratulations Rich, your work has been chosen.

The judging for LogoLounge Volume 5, has been completed. We are excited with the exceptional quality level of work selected for this fifth volume. This was an incredibly competitive judging session with over 33,000 logos entered for consideration. We are also very pleased to inform you that your work has been chosen for inclusion in the new book by an international panel of judges. This years panel included, Andreas Karl of Karl Design, Von Glitschka of Glitschka Studios, Michelle Sonderegger of Design Ranch, Sarah Moffat of Turner Duckworth, Jamie Koval of VSA Partners, Vince Frost of Frost Design, Bronwen Rautenbach of The Brand Union, and Alex de Janosi of Lippincott.
Considering the roster of judges which includes names from some of the giants of branding and design – Brand Union, Lippincott, Turner Duckworth and even Von Glitschka (Vonster) – we couldn't be more thrilled.

Special thanks to Denis Foulem (President of Kamelio) and Louis Parent (former Kamelio marketing director - now working for With great clients like that, it made the project a blast to work on. Thanks for trusting us with such an important part of your business.