September 25, 2008

Green Beer

No, I'm not talking St. Paddy's Day. I'm talking about a company that understands environmental sustainability - big time. Their whole culture is built around it. Check out the parking lot. Lots of companies talk the green talk, these guys walk the walk. Everything from how they run the company, to their initiatives to "greatly increase the use of mankind's greatest invention - the bicycle".

They were recently featured on NBC nightly news:

(Love the FedEx Tube desks!)

Check out their corporate website. Lots of great stuff.

Some of their other interesting sites:
The Tinkerer (Blog)

There are lots of lessons here. You can go green and still make a profit, and you can promote yourself in lots of ways - never directly mentioning your product. When you have a great story to tell, lots of other things can take care of themselves.

Next time I'm in Fort Collins, Colorado, I'm definitely making a point of stopping by.

If I can pedal that far.