August 07, 2008

Stalked by the Network

Sure, we've all seen the Verizon spots where the "Network" and the "Can-you-hear-me-now? dude" are always there in any situation. Nice idea, which I thought had run it's course, until I saw this...

It looks like they are taking the concept and giving it new life by bringing it into the "real world" and having a "live" version of "the Network" follow "real" people around. (Yes, I know... a lot of quotation marks).

Now granted, we all get the fact the the guy making the call was mic'ed, so there likely was a little staging involved. I do like the idea though, and there are lots of possibilities of where they could take it. Based on the line at the end "Where will the Network show up next?"– it looks like we will soon find out.

On a side note, an observation of mine...

Ever consider the parallels with this campaign and religion?
Think of it this way:
Verizon = God
The Network = the church
"Can-you-hear-me-now? dude" = Jesus
You take it from there... (yikes).

Anyway, I will say this... I can assure you that God would have a much nicer logo.

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