August 25, 2008

The Coffee Can

My good friend (and part-time barista) Mark Boudreau of Neon Express came to me a while back with the brilliant idea of building a mobile café that could travel around to festivals and events throughout the summer. Most times at these events, you can often track down all of life's other essentials like popcorn, french fries, hot dogs, pop, and sometimes they even have coffee (usually disgusting) -- but you can't usually get your hands on a decent freshly pulled shot of espresso. That's where the Coffee Can comes in.

With his vintage 1960's fully converted travel trailer, a propane powered espresso machine, and a full tank of water, he's fully self-contained and there aren't many places he can't go. He's been running the roads of New Brunswick on weekends now for a better part of this summer and so far word is that he pulls a darn good shot. Considering I'm taking partial payment for the logo design in free java, it better be good!

Here's some pics from a recent event:

If you were a fish approaching the Coffee Can, this is what it would look like in your eyes.

The man himself.

An inside look at the magic being made.

Mark and his beautiful wife Josette (the real brains of the operation)

If you have an event that you think could benefit from Mark's caffeination services, give him a call today: (506) 389-3973 (or email:

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