August 30, 2008

Amazing Gremlins Fan Film

Remember the part in Gremlins 2 when the Gremlins take over the movie theatre and apparently insert themselves into the film. Thankfully Hulk Hogan comes in and saves the day (Phew). When the video came out on VHS they made a similar insertion where they added themselves to a John Wayne movie. What would happen today if the Gremlins took over a whole bunch of other movies in a Video on Demand setting?

Lifelong Gremlins fan Sacha Feiner has shown us with his perfectly executed version where the Gremlins insert themselves into several popular movies including the Exorcist, Batman, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Goonies and The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms. It's great.

Below is the "Making Of" video. The crazy part is that none of the Gremlins were created digitally - but rather are all individually shot and inserted puppets. The amazing craftmanship in the puppets and the detailed composoting and rotoscoping work is wild considering he shot everything in his small workshop and put it all together on his personal computer.

With movie making budgets creeping up to 300 million a film - with tons of 3d animation and animatronics, it's cool to see someone doing things with some of the same type of ingenuity and creativity that was more common in that days of Ray Harryhausen, and more recently George Lucas in the original Star Wars films.

Incredible job Sacha! If they ever do decide to make Gremlins 3, I hope you make it on to the team.