July 06, 2008

Walmart >POP!<

Everyone seems to be rebranding these days. Walmart is the latest megacorp to join the mix. Here's the new logo that will begin its full rollout this fall.It's soft, clean, and fresh. It has great kerning. It looks nothing like the Big BOLD "Box store" type logos we're used to. Very refreshing. It feels like a bright sunny day. A great day to go shopping. All very intentional.

What is surely not intentional though is that the new "asterisk" icon reminds me of my money magically disappearing every time I walk in there. (-POP!- there goes another $100 bucks) sure everything in there is cheap inexpensive, but I can't seem to go in for anything without coming out with a cart full of 'other' stuff I had no idea I needed. Why is that?

I digress...

I do like the new colours and custom letter style. I also quite like the letter case change and making it all one word. Feels more personal and friendly. Will it take hold in the hearts and minds of customers? Of course it will. People today just want cheap stuff. They don't care what the sign on the building looks like. They could go back to the old cowboy font and it would still work. Just make sure the stuff stays cheap.

Here's a history of Wal-Mart logos over the years (including the "cowboy" years):