July 29, 2008

Still Dancing

Back in 2003, Matt Harding decided to quit his job as game designer and travel the world, documenting every step of the way on video. For a laugh, he started doing his silly dance everywhere he went. When he returned home to the States, he threw together the video for his friends, and it quickly became a viral sensation.

As it gained popularity, someone at Stride Gum saw it and also thought it was cool. They offered to help him make more... for very little in return. He still chooses locations, shoots, edits, etc... and retains complete control. He has since traveled to and danced in over 70 countries.

Matt Harding's dancing was neat the first time I saw his 2005 video. But, in his third installment, he takes the concept to the next level. This one really makes me smile. There's something deep and spiritual going on there that I can't quite articulate. Whatever it is, it's nice. Thanks Matt.

Here's the 2008 version (in HD):

Check out his website for more.
The entire site is a great read and very interesting.

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