June 09, 2008

Razor Raftinators

Our first ever attempt at Dragon Boat racing this weekend was a huge success. The Razor Raftinators took to the waters early Saturday morning and raced three gruelingly close races throughout the day. We clocked in with times of 109, 111 and 108 respectively - not bad considering just about our entire team was doing it for the very first time. We came in 15th out of 29 teams and in one race almost beat the team that almost won.

Nevertheless, it was a good time, and we raised plenty of quid (The whole event raked in over $90,000.00!). All money raised by our team went to support our friends at Moncton Youth Residences.

Here's some pics:
That's me mid-boat with the Red Sox hat (yeah, I know... the heaviest guys go mid-boat)

Curly Blonde flowing locks mid-boat is Stephen. Ben is right behind him , Gail and Angela are at the very back.

We'll be baaack.

Thanks Clayton Morrissey for the great pics and for getting my good side.