May 08, 2008

Thank You

Back in March we were approached by our friends over at CouleurNB to help with the creative for a campaign for the Government of New Brunswick Foster Family Programs. They needed to help generate awareness of the need for qualified foster families in our province and dispel some of the myths associated with foster programs. With a tight timeline, strict guidelines and a very low budget, we were asked to come in a help with the concept, do some script writing and provide storyboards.

Our idea was to come up with a way to turn negatives into positives. Instead of showing the stereotypical sad lonely kids pleading for help, we thought we'd craft a very positive and uplifting message. Instead of the kids saying "Please help me" we had them saying "Thank you for helping me". Instead of guilting people into helping, we wanted to show them how helping might benefit them (ie. Doesn't it feel good to know you were the one that made the difference in that kids life?).

From there, the Couleur team took the ball and ran with it. With the help of Filet in Halifax, they did all the video and audio production and put the finishing touches on what turned out to be a couple of very nice spots (if we do say so).

Have a look:

Here's the French versions as well:

Thank you David, Courtney, Sarah, Claudine and the rest of the gang at CouleurNB for the opportunity to collaborate with you guys! It was a real blast, and we would do it again in a second.

For more info on becoming a Foster Family/Parent in New Brunswick: Click here