March 18, 2008

Voiceless Phone Conversation

This could go into the "alien technology" file:

Essentially a group in the U.S. called Ambient has developed technology whereby a wearable neckband intercepts nerve signals from your brain before they get to your voicebox. It allows you to talk on the phone without making a sound. Whoa! This could be a very big step closer to actually simulating mental telepathy.

Based on the video, it's still in it's infancy, but when this gets further developed it could be a revolutionary breakthrough... not only for the deaf and other people with speaking disabilities, but even for people diseases like ALS. It even could be used simply if you want to have a private conversation on your phone with someone in a restaurant and not be disruptive. Heck... imagine having one of these for communicating to your friends in class, or better yet to cheat in a poker game. Coaches in the NFL would no longer have to cover their mouths with their clipboards while calling in plays to the quarterbacks. So many possibilities...

via New Scientist