March 11, 2008

Skittles Mañata

Ever grabbed a handful of chocolate M&M's, throw them into your mouth, start chewing and then think, "these are the most disgusting M&M's I have ever tasted"? It is at that moment when you realize they aren't M&M's... they're Skittles and you immediately spit them out in horror. It's not that you don't like Skittles. It's just that your taste buds were expecting something else and when they didn't get what they were expecting, they sent strange messages to your brain. This has been a serious problem for young and old alike for many years.

Well finally, the scientists at Skittle Labs have solved that problem for us. Now when you eat some M&M's that are really Skittles, it's ok... your brain will be able to process the information it's receiving because now there are Chocolate Skittles! Oh yeah, that's right... Chocolate Skittles!

So... of course with any new Skittles product, comes a new "Skittles" commercial. This one is definitely up there with the rest of them... totally whacked! So much so in fact, that I can't help but love it. Enjoy:

And P.S...
To the Creatives at TBWA that conceived of and saw this spot through: "I want what your having!"